The ancients sages say: 

"If you do these practices for a few moments, you will improve your wellbeing. If you do these practices for a while, daily, you will heal your medical challenges. AND, if you do these practices many times with undistracted focus, enthusiasm and sincerity, you will attain longevity and even Immortality."

Mindful Movement: Qigong & TaiChi

Mindfulness & Meditation are powerful tools for reducing stress while also finding some peace and calm in your day. Developing these practices as habits can be beneficial not only for our mental-emotional health but also for our physical health. Often times when discussing or introducing these techniques to our patients or students we are met with what has become a variety of fairly common responses.

  • ” I can’t meditate”
  • “I cannot get my mind to become quiet”
  • “I can’t sit for that long!”

Even folks who genuinely have an interest in learning/developing these practices may find themselves getting frustrated for the reasons listed above. What if you could develop a practice or learn a technique with all of the benefits without all of the attempts at "quiet stillness" or without all of the forced “clearing of the mind”.  This is where MINDFUL MOVEMENT comes in…

Dr. James has been practicing, learning, and studying Qigong and/or Tai Chi in one form or another since 2007. It was this first introduction to Qigong which moved him to deepen his studies of the practice. In fact, oftentimes when asked how he ended up as a Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, the story always begins with his discovery of his own Qigong practice.

Why practice Qigong or Tai Chi? What are the benefits?

We like to think of these practices as moving meditation which when incorporated into our daily routines can be a source of calm, a source of peace, and can have many benefits on our physical wellbeing.

Yang Sheng is a concept within the teachings of Classical Chinese medicine that translates as “the art of nourishing life.” Often considered the foundation or roadmap to health and wellbeing while also being considered the basis of Self-cultivation. The varying aspects or branches of Yang Sheng include qigong, diet, sleep, meditation, and living in accordance with the cycles of nature.

So what is Qigong? It’s a meditative practice, an energy medicine, that is practiced by combining breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation with the intention of cleansing, strengthening, and improving circulation in the body. Tai Chi is a style or application of Qigong, a martial arts application of Qigong to be more specific. Each practice has its own set of benefits.

As circulation improves with these practices, your dedication begins to affect health systemically. Restoring the body's natural rhythms can lead to better health, vitality, and a more tranquil state of mind uncorrupted by stress, pollution, and disease.

Our teachings are intended as an introduction for the beginner as well as an exploration of the depths of possibilities for the seasoned practitioner. A whole body, whole mind practice to benefit health.